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At Blue Atlas Realty, we strive to be the very best at performing and scheduling maintenance!  We know that when something happens in the home, speed of fixing the issue is of upmost importance and we take this very seriously.  By clicking the "Submit Maintenance Here" button on our website homepage, you will be prompted to login to your unique account in our maintenance system. 


Maintenance Protocol

Once you have done so and submitted the maintenance request there, we will immediately begin working to schedule the needed repairs.  We are able to resolve the majority of maintenance issues by the following business day! 

We do need to remind all residents of our responsibility as property managers.  We contractually have to stick to certain guidelines.  The property owner who owns the home you live in is only responsible for issues with the home that have gone wrong that were not caused by the resident living there.  While we can schedule a technician to fix all issues, we unfortunately can not force the property owner to pay for maintenance issues caused by the resident.  In these cases, the invoice for the work has to be added to the next month's rent.  But don't worry, we can try to work with you!  

Some examples of instances we contractually can not send the bill to the property owner:


Clogged toilets and sinks

Garbage disposal unclog and reset

Tripped breakers and tripped GFCI outlets

Burnt out lightbulbs

AC Filters

Changing thermostat batteries

Closet doors off the hinges

Broken window panes

False Alarms resulting in a service call

Resident "no shows" a contractor

Broken blinds

Pest control

Lighting a pilot light


NOTE:  Maintenance items a resident is responsible for are not limited to these.  These are just the more common examples!


These are examples of issues a resident is responsible for repairing.  However we are of course here to help and we do understand many times it is not easy to spot that the issue is a resident responsibility before a maintenance worker is sent out.  We do try to work with you to identify  them though!  


At Blue Atlas, our biggest priority is to work harmoniously with our residents to provide the very best living experience we can!

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